Good Memories: Battlebots 5.0

Battlebots just got brought up over on Hackaday, and I couldn’t help but remember the 2002 season, where I attended as a competitor.


My silly little wedge bot.


The evil 13HP puck spinner that destroyed it!

Those were some good times, even if my silly wedge bot got utterly destroyed by the evil neon green puck of doom.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that one of the builders of Moebius (can’t recall if he was the only one) passed away a couple of years ago.  I recall him as having been a really nice guy.

RIP Buzz Dawson.

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When it comes to the desktop, Steve is a former Amiga, Windows, and Linux user, and as of six years ago, a die-hard Mac head (who, for once, isn't thinking of changing platforms again any time soon). When it comes to the server, Linux is pretty much the only game he plays. He also enjoys hardware hacking, and shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard after the sun sets (or for that matter, after it rises. Don't say I didn't warn you).
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