Radiance: Stupid Developer Tricks

As some of you likely know now, I’ve been working on Radiance 2.0, which will hopefully be a significant improvement.  The current application is a hack at best; I wrote it for me rather than for the masses.  I’m working on polishing it up.

Part of that is Sparkle integration for automatic updates, and that led to my Stupid Developer Trick of the week.

During development, I absently tossed a radiance directory on macdweller.org to host product updates.  I wasn’t really thinking, and (for some dumb reason) expected WordPress to just handle it, which it didn’t (duh!).  It overrode the usual Radiance page in WordPress (of course), and a few of you therefore had access to a very, very early build of the next iteration of Radiance.

If you have build 301, I suggest you ditch it; the UI is incomplete and extremely buggy.  It’s also missing half the features that the final version will have, and the auto-update code isn’t finished yet either, so it probably won’t work when 2.0 arrives.  In short, please use 1.2; you’ll be much happier with it in the end.

It’ll be a while before 2.0 is ready since I’m only working on it in my spare time – but stay tuned.


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When it comes to the desktop, Steve is a former Amiga, Windows, and Linux user, and as of six years ago, a die-hard Mac head (who, for once, isn't thinking of changing platforms again any time soon). When it comes to the server, Linux is pretty much the only game he plays. He also enjoys hardware hacking, and shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard after the sun sets (or for that matter, after it rises. Don't say I didn't warn you).
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