Radiance 1.2: Now Supporting Mountain Lion

So I finally got around to updating Radiance for Mountain Lion, which was more difficult than it sounds.

The old version used the undocumented O3Manager API to control display brightness, but Apple removed it in 10.8. ¬†External displays can’t be controlled via the IODisplay API; instead, you need USB HID. ¬†The current implementation matches a display to a HID device by serial number; we’ll see how that works out.

If you’re interested in doing something similar in your own application, you can grab the new MDDisplayManager object from this page.

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When it comes to the desktop, Steve is a former Amiga, Windows, and Linux user, and as of six years ago, a die-hard Mac head (who, for once, isn't thinking of changing platforms again any time soon). When it comes to the server, Linux is pretty much the only game he plays. He also enjoys hardware hacking, and shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard after the sun sets (or for that matter, after it rises. Don't say I didn't warn you).
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