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Thinking about having a box made over at Ponoko or some other maker?  Not sure how to make your perfect press-fit or T-slot acrylic enclosure?  Below are the various resources I found on the subject while looking into it myself.

General stuff:

For Ponoko:

Other Services:

There’s probably plenty more where that came from, but it was enough to get me started. Now I’m busy fighting with Adobe Illustrator (ugh!) to get my design together; hopefully I’ll be able to submit it tomorrow.  Wouldn’t be so bad if I’d written down the dimensions for all the parts that need external access…

So TC will end up acrylic through Ponoko; it’s surprisingly cheap.  I’m expecting to have two of these things built for around $15 + tax and shipping.  Not too bad, and a heck of a lot cheaper than I expected.  Far cheaper than aluminum!

Some day I might tinker with eMachineShop, though.  They say they do injection molding, and that could be quite handy, especially for a smaller box.  I think TC is at about the minimum size limit for comfortably-doable acrylic.


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